About Our Company


Smartmart has provided web site hosting and development services for a variety of companies, including social networking sites. Currently, Smartmart specializes in social media marketing and website development and general internet marketing services. We also offer a few select domain names for sale.

Services Include
Domain name registration, website creation, content placement, social media marketing, including account set-up, SEO optimization throughout your presence on the Internet. For more information contact us.

Top Domains
We have a selection of URLs and Domain names for sale. These top level domain names can help individuals and companies get a good start in becoming successful on the internet.  Some domains have fully developed websites in place.

Domain Name Ownership
Prior to selling any URL domain name through the SmartMart website, the ownership of a domain name is first transferred to the SmartMart Company. There are a couple of exceptions, but these will also be transferred into SmartMart’s name prior to any exchange of currency.

This procedure is in place in order to protect buyers from spending their money and not receiving ownership of the domain name they purchased.

In these tough economic times we also decided to offer the only guarantee when it comes to purchasing a domain name.  We want our customers to be comfortable while developing their web sites, knowing that their great domain name with a respectable history attached to it, will help them achieve that goal. 

Domain History
The longer the URL domain history, the greater the chance to be ranked higher than your competitors in the search engines.  Some of our domain names have a decent page rank, established at Google, even though there is no website placed there.  This also reflects in the visitor count.  One website gets a thousand visitors a month without a website.  Another, without a website, has a page rank of 4 out of 10 at Google, which proves that history is a very important element when choosing a domain name. 

We’re sure you’ll appreciate these distinctions as you browse through our offerings. Buy your URL domain name today.