Appraisal Process


There is a lot of controversy about the appraisal process that most of the companies use today to appraise the value of domain names and websites.

Most of the time a company simply uses a simple program that counts the number of words in a domain name and whether the extension is a DOT COM or something else like .co,.org, etc. Then they put some kind of value based upon that information. This is very unscientific and is pretty much worthless. has been around since 1996. We have a good history and lots of experience in dealing with domain names and their value. But we don’t stop there; we are in constant contact with other experts who have been in the Internet business regarding domain name sales for many years.

So what we do here at SmartMart to evaluate a domain name is to contact many other domain name experts and add that feedback to our own examination of the domain name. And after a total evaluation we set the price on what we and others believe is a fair price for someone to pay for a particular domain name.

We find that this is the most precise way of evaluating the value of a domain name.
All were evaluated at other companies at a fraction for what they sold.  SmartMart evaluations were only 10-25 % off.

Following are just some examples of domain names that have been sold within the last few years and the actual price paid. $350,000 $350,000 $285,000

POS.COM   $250,000 $226,950 $112,000

CrossWordPuzzles $210,000 $150,000 $90,000 $80,000 $56,700


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