Make an Offer

URLs for sale now!  Smart move to look into buying an online property.

This is the right place for finding URLs and Top Level Domain Names. There are just a few tips to help you before you start browsing SmartMart domain listings.

You simply find a domain name that looks good to you and then make an offer or place a bid if the domain is up for auction.  If the offer is within the ball park of what the domain name owner is looking for, the negotiating process has begun.

To make sure the domain name and URL is available for a buyer, we have all domain names transferred to Smartmart.  That way, if everything goes well with the negotiations, you are guaranteed the online property.

The following are some examples of URL domain names sold in the past few years.  We hope you can see the names are not all that great.  But the lesson here is, good domains are becoming more and more valuable.

Don’t worry, we have URL domains starting at $4,500.  Please remember, not only do we competitive pricing, we also have a monthly payment plan.

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